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Emotionally drained after everything today. Goodnight

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Today is the anniversary of The Simpsons first appearance on television.

On April 19, 1987, “Goodnight” was aired on The Tracey Ullman Show.

Happy Birthday, Simpsons!

Wow, I’m one month and eighteen days older than The Simpsons.

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I wouldn’t consider that clingy at all. It’s especially nice when you don’t get to see them that often. I really love all of that.

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Making vegan strawberry cupcakes from scratch ^_^ You guys have to wait until tomorrow for the finished product with homemade vegan chocolate frosting.

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Nice pic! I Luv sylvan lake. Can't wait for warm weather. That girl looks familiar. Her name Christy?
theemasterjedi22 asked

Sylvan Lake is wonderful! I love it there. No, her name isn’t Christy.

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I got to spend time with one of my closest friends this morning

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Well, my uncle I took care of every week passed away. He lived a sad and lonely life. I did my best to make him feel comfortable during these last few weeks. I just hope he knew that I cared.

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